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Related article: Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2010 19:32:15 -0700 From: Bi Mike Subject: Adult Theater ExperienceI remember well my first discovery of sex in xxx theaters. Before then I didn't have much use for xxx theaters. Why go to a public theater and get yourself all worked up when u couldn't do anything about it? I found it much better to rent a fuck flick and take it home where you could strip naked and jack off while watcing it. I had had many m/m experiences. Most were as a boy starting at 8 years old with other boys who were 2 to 6 years older. I had sucked cock many times and had been sucked many times during those years. I was fucked at 12 years old by a 18 year old boy and loved it. Now I am married about 25 years old - haven't had m/m sex in years and I am feeling pretty str8.For some reason I decided to visit the local xxx theater. It was early Saturday evening, maybe 7 or 8. I bought my ticket and went into the darkened theater. There was straight porn playing on the screen. It was too dark in the theater for me to find an empty seat so I stood in the back for a while to let my eyes get accustomed to the darkness. As soon as I could see well enough I took a seat in the back row about 4 seats from the isle. There was a man sitting one seat away to my left. I sat back and started watching the vanilla str8 porn flick. The titties and pussy and hard cocks on screen was enough to get me horny. I sure wanted to take my cock out and jo. After a while my eyes became more accustomed to the light and I could see more of the inside of the theater. There were several men scattered around, most sitting by themselves. One man had come and sat down in my row - one seat away towards the isle. A couple men were standing behind us between the last row and the back wall.As I sat there I noticed some movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked over and the guy on my left, to my amazement, had his cock out and was stroking it. Damn that's wild. Openly jacking off right here in a public theater. Man was I turned on by that. Wild. Now I am really horny, my cock is rock hard, straining the fabric of my levis. I snuck another peak, he's still stroking.. No wait, that's not his hand. I look closer and see that the guy on the other side of him is the one jacking him off. Fuck, now I'm so turned on I could blow my load without even touching my cock. I realize I am staring at the guy's cock getting stroked. Am I caught? I look up to the guys face. He is looking right Lolita Porn Pics at me smiling. I look quickly back to the screen. sneak another peak. He's still getting stroked. Look up, he's still smiling at me. Then he pats the seat next to him. Shit, he wants me to sit next to him. He has his COCK OUT! I am nervous. What will he do? What will the othes around us think when they see me move over? Will they think I'm another disgusting fag? I don't know what to do. I want to join in on the nasty fun the two men are having but what will the others think of me? I look to my right - SHIT, now I'm really floored - the guy sitting on my other side has his cock out too, and so does the guy standing behind him, well not exactly out. It's in the sitting mans' mouth. The man is sucking the guys cock right here in the theater. A guy also standing behind the back row has his cock out and is jacking off watching the oral show. This is more than I can stand. I need some action. I move over next to the guy to the left and blatantly watch him getting jacked off - I notice he is actually jacking the guy Lolita Porn Pics next to him. Damn, this is HOT! The guy reaches over and rubs my leg. "Take it out for me" he says as his hand moves up to my package and starts rubbing me through my tight levis. OK buddy - here he comes! I unbutton my 501s, pull my briefs out of the way and Jr comes popping up, head covered in precum. The guy strokes it only once before he bends down and takes me into his mouth. FUCK! I'm getting a blow job by a complete stranger in a public theater with other nasty men all around me. The whole experience is too much for me. Three quick sucks and I'm blasting copious amounts of cum into the strangers mouth. Too quick to even worry what he's going to do when he realizes I am cumming in his mouth. To my delight when he feels the volleys of cum he sucks harder and deeper. I'm shaking, making funny noises, squirming in my seat, and filling this guys mouth with cum.My orgasm is over. The guy releases my cock from his mouth, sits up and says "Thanks kid, that was great". I nod, quickly pack my cock away, button up and get out of there as quick as I can. Shit I just had queer sex in a public place. Who saw me? Was there a cop waiting outside for me? Have I made a big mistake and let my libido get the best of me?Well, no one saw that will tell, no cops waiting, and hell no it wasn't a mistake. Why had I not discovered this years ago? I went back to that theater many, many more times after that. I also went to every other xxx theater in town and kept going until the last one was finally closed down by the bible thumping morons that think getting a blow job in a Adult Theater is wrong. Damn it.Mike comments to bicouplesurewest.net
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